August 10, 2012

7 Friday Farm Delivery August 10- and a GIVEAWAY!

 After three weeks of no farm delivery due to our holiday, plus the sun finally showing it's face just in time for the Olympics, this week's order was a HUGE one! The summer bounty is IN and it looks amazing!
As usual, farm delivery is from Riverford!
(Previous farm deliveries here.)

I ordered the 'fruit and veg' box this week: apples, pears, oranges, sugar snap peas, salad pack (mixed greens, bottom left), sweet corn, kohlrabi (the pretty purple thing), spinach, bunched onions, cucumber

 2L skimmed milk, 2 fat-free plain yogurts (it's hot, Max needs his doggy ice cream!), halloumi cheese, Glastonbury smoked cheddar, fresh buffalo mozzarella
Note that word that keeps circling around: ORGANIC! It actually means something in the U.K., though, unlike the U.S.. What's most important to me is that all of this dairy comes from "happy" cows, with wonderful lives in green fields- and no added hormones or antibiotics pumped through them!

 cucumbers, blueberries, grapefruit, celery
Summer brings the best snackfoods!

 sugar snap peas (yep, more- and we're eating them right now!), sweet potatoes, mixed bell peppers
Max does a final inspection for me. He also taste-tested a pea and a blueberry for me.

 sweet corn, calabrese broccoli, carrots
I love corn on the cob. Love. If I can find it fresh (not at the supermarket), I will eat it everyday during it's season- and then crave it the rest of the year!

 My sad-skills food photography always means I forget one item... but here's the lettuce!

Now... for the GIVEAWAY!!! 
You've heard me wax poetic about the food here. British food gets a bad rap, and while there are a lot of fatty foods, a lot of heavy cream, a lot of greasy fish & chips, and not much spiciness, I love it.
And I don't eat much fat, I avoid grease like the plague, but I do prefer not-spicy food. So that one's spot-on. 
We've found, especially in Yorkshire it seems, that the movement towards local, organic, sustainable foods is in full-force, and these principles have really helped bring the traditional British dishes to a whole new level. Homecut chips are taking over flash-frozen processed freezer ones, herb-flavored savoury pies come steaming to your table.  We've both loved eating out here, but, knowing we would eventually have to leave, we knew we'd have to learn to cook the dishes we've come to crave-
and here are some of our favorite cookbooks.

 First prize set: The National Trust Farmhouse Cookbook and Riverford's own first cookbook: Riverford Farm Cookbook. 

 Sample page from the N.T. Farmhouse cookbook: a British favorite, Treacle Tart!

One of my favorite features of Riverford's is that it is divided by main ingredient (mostly veg) and each section gives a history on the plant: its seeding, growth, harvest, storage, and uses. It's like a farmer's almanac and cookbook in one!

 One of the recipes: Grilled Courgette (zucchini), Tomato, and Bean Salad with Basil Dressing.

 Second prize set: Another Riverford Farm Cookbook and The National Trust's Good Old-Fashioned Roasts!

I'll be honest, this cookbook is mostly Paul's since I don't eat much meat, but he loves it! He even read it cover-to-cover before bed right after he bought it. 
He picked Roast Chicken with Tarragon as your sample recipe.

So here's the deal: enter below, and I'll send two lucky winners a pair of books each!
Remember, these are British, so you'll probably need a kitchen scale (ingredients are measured in grams) and Google to be sure you know what your recipes require (courgettes=zucchini, auburgine=eggplant, etc.)- but otherwise, it's all English!

MANDATORY: You must follow English as a Second Language via GFC or Facebook- if you do both, that's two entries! 

*I will be emailing the winners to check for dietary concerns, i.e., if one is a vegetarian, that winner will receive the Farmhouse book and the omnivore will receive the Roast book. If both are vegetarian, then I'll make a trip to the National Trust shop, and we'll have to have three winners! Gotta respect different diets! :)

**open to residents of planet Earth only. I'm not aware of any Intergalactic postal system, but I am comfortable mailing to the U.S., U.K., Europe, Africa, Asia... if you've got an address, I'll get your prize to you!

***If you don't have an email attached to your GFC account, be sure you leave it with Rafflecopter so I can reach you.

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  1. I'm obsessed with the vegetarian Rueben sandwiches that husband makes. Just replace the corned beef with chopped mushrooms! Yum!

  2. Roasted veggies from my garden!

  3. I think I messed up with the entries (how embarrassing), so apologies.
    Also, I can't remember what the question was, so my answer may seem a bit random if I've misremembered badly: asparagus, watercress, corn on the cob.
    Roll on Edinburgh!! (That is, if you've forgiven me for messing up my entry!)

  4. I love big ripe tomatoes. They are finally starting to come in at my local farm shop. So yummy just sliced with some fresh cracked pepper.

  5. I love making bruschetta with fresh tomatoes! or really doing anything with fresh tomatoes. plus, the summer fruit selection cannot be topped.

  6. I love fruit salads & greek salads in the summer. Raw, fresh, and delish :)

    Great giveaway idea, Gesci. You rock!

  7. I love fresh fruit salads in the summer and fresh corn on the cob is amazing!


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