August 17, 2012

5 Farm Delivery Friday August 17 and Giveaway Winners Announced!

 This week my Riverford Farm delivery is much smaller, as Paul is in the States. 
However, I still want fresh, delicious fruit and veg even if I'm eating alone!

Sweet corn on the cob.

 Tomatoes, blueberries, and portobello mushrooms.

 Bunched onions, butternut squash, and carrots!

Spinach and fingerling potatoes.
I'm sure the rest of the world new this, but I just found out that spinach has protein. This is great news, since I am often lacking in protein- and I like spinach! I'm trying to be sure to add some to as many meals as possible!

I'm sure you're curious to know the winners of last week's giveaway...
Our winners: 

 Jessica from Jessica Who? will have a busy oven with these, and can apply her U.K. to U.S. cheat sheet knowledge...

and Lindsay from Trial by Sapphire will be busy at her local farmer's market stocking up on great ingredients for these recipes!! 

Congrats, girls! Your books will be in the mail next week!

Everyone else, have a great weekend! I'm hoping to take it easy... I've had a packed week full of friends and good times (and a fantastic getaway to Edinburgh to meet up with Lexi- YAY!)- but that makes for an exhausted me!


  1. I am so excited for these books! I just showed Mr. TBS the photo of the books I won! Wahoo! :-)


  2. I'm seriously so jealous of these deliveries - they look AMAZING! I bet you'll be able to find something close in NC!

  3. I'm going to have to track down that Farmhouse Cookbook on my own, I fear I want to devour the cover....

  4. I can't believe I missed a giveaway for being 'good' and buckling down on my dissertation! :)


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