August 7, 2012

9 Facing Facts

It's August now, which seems to be a popular topic around social media. Either teachers/students are talking about the new school year, heat-sufferers are hoping for some crisp autumn air to reprieve them, or lake/beach lovers are lamenting their waning days of leisurely basking in the sun.  In my little world, it's time to face the facts.
We're moving.
In approximately two months.
To North Carolina.

I'm dreading this move for a whole host of reasons, the majority of which can be boiled down to one sentence:

I don't want to leave North Yorkshire, England, Great Britain, or Europe.

I'm not done yet.
I'm not done deciding last-minute on a nice afternoon to go to a castle or abbey, and soak up history in ways I'd only read about before.
I'm not done driving on the left side of the road, creeping behind tractors, and praying to Apollo that the driver barreling towards me in a roundabout really is turning off like his indicator (blinker) says he is.

I'm not done laughing at Sloan running pell-mell off lead around abbey ruins, and reminding Max not to pee on graveslabs.
I'm not done eating dinner in a pub after a day in the Dales with two tired (and river-logged) pooches collapsed on my feet.

I'm not done cooking on the Aga.
I'm not done sitting in the conservatory (sunroom) on a nice afternoon- or a rainy one- with a good book.
I'm not done having housekeys shaped like mysterious skeleton keys.

I'm not done chatting with Ian, the farmer from whom I buy my same-day fresh, free-range eggs.
I'm not done with my farm delivery.

Our trip to Spain and Portugal was our last Europe trip (while living here), and I kept telling myself I'd deal with the moving stuff after the trip.
We're back.
It's time to deal.

So that you don't think I'm entirely stuck in a downer pity-party, there is a small list- a list I'm desperately clinging to every time the tears push at my eyes- of things I'm looking forward to in North Carolina:

A regular sized fridge/freezer, so we can make big batches of food and freeze future portions- we're both adamant about sticking to our fresh, homemade meals we've grown to love here, and it'd be nice to not have to cook all the time just because there's little space for cold storage.

Being closer to our families, and actually developing in-person relationships with my nieces and nephews.  Also being closer to life-long friends- there are some spouses/partners I've not met, some babies I've not met, some dogs and cats I've not met. Spending regular time with these people is a lot easier with a 5 hour drive than it is with a 7 hour plane ride.

Having my Jeep back. I miss him, and beautiful, sunny days make my heart hurt a little because of it!

Being able to buy clothes without trying everything on- I am not a fan of clothes shopping, and even less so of having to try stuff on. I miss knowing that I'm a small at some stores, a medium at others, a 4 in this brand, a 6 in another... and don't get me started on bra sizes. 

This post is a little of an unload on you- sorry. But hopefully it gives you an idea of where my brain is, and sets you up for the deluge of moving-related and last-minute GB posts coming your way over the next two months.  While I can guarantee there will be can't promise there won't be more pity-party posts, I've wallowed and moped myself to a point of realizing just how amazing these past three years- and the opportunity to live in England- have been, for our entire family. 

And... tomorrow we should be back to our regularly scheduled travel-related, photo-heavy posts.  Thanks for sticking around, if you've made it this far!


  1. I don't think you're being a downer at all! We've lived in our small town for 7 months now and I'm STILL adjusting. I only moved across the state, not the ocean, and I miss everything about where we used to live. But it's slowly getting better. But change is HARD! Especially when you've had the opportunity to live on a different continent and be surrounded by different cultures. SO lucky! It's okay to be sad to leave it all!

  2. I've always had a dream of moving to England (or somewhere in Europe) one day. I can only imagine how completely gorgeous it is there. I don't blame you for not wanting to move back, though I'm glad you have some things to look forward to.

  3. I went through the same thing when we left London, but it was more after we left, I was excited when we were leaving. And now, even almost 4 years later, I miss it, all the time.

  4. I choose NOT to face facts and live in denial that you are leaving :) You can't go... not for three years :)

  5. Awww. I'm so sad for you, and myself.

  6. Moving is so bittersweet... full of hello's and goodbyes. North Carolina is a beautiful state! And you will always have the special memories from when you lived in England. Good luck with all of the planning and the transition!!

  7. Ah, life without an Aga's just not the same!

  8. I know this is a super belated comment, but I think I would probably sink into denial and I got a little teary-eyed reading this. As much as I sometimes just want to nip to Target or sit for hours on end in Panera, there is something (aside from the obvious fiance!) about Yorkshire and England that pulls you in. You know you are always welcome to come back and stay with us if you need a visit -- hopefully, we'll have a bigger house by then! x


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