July 16, 2012

4 Staffa

 Last week ended with two posts on our stop at Lunga, the largest of the Treshnish Isles. (I and II)
Just to refresh your memory, we were on the Wildlife Cruise, Treshnish Isles, and Staffa Tour with Gordon Grant Marine Boat Tours.
After we left Lunga we proceeded on to the highlight of our trip and the entire reason for our return to this area (although we'll take any reason to head back to Scotland, really!): Staffa and Fingal's Cave
We weren't able to get out to Staffa back in October 2010, as the winds were too high- but you'll notice that this time, despite the terrible forecast, we couldn't have had better skies!

Our first true views of Staffa from the boat!

 This cave is the one in the center of the rock in the above image- it's called "Boat Cave."

 Fingal's Cave! And tourists!

 I want a sailboat. Oh, and someone who knows how to sail. 

 As we got off the boat, this was our view to the left. You can see the "path" to Fingal's Cave on the right, and an outcropping of the hexagonal basalt columns on the left.


 While this rock is natural, it was placed so favorably that it almost felt like the display at a museum: "Here's a sample of what you'll see ahead in the cave..."

 Fingal's Cave! Also known as the hardest place to photograph in bright sunlight. Ever.
The cave's legend says it was created by the giant Finn/Fingal (Irish/Scottish) during the same period as Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway.
(The legend is under the link for Giant's Causeway.)

 The sea crashing through the cave (it extends across this end of the island) inspired Felix Mendelssohn to compose his Hebrides Overture.  After we got home we listened to it- and understood. 

Jellyfish! Can you believe how clear the water is here?!

Oh, hiiiiiii!
Yep. I wore my trusty Hunters!

This is the path you walk to get to the cave. The railing is on the cliff side... tourists walk on the seaside.

Another view of the basalt columns. The Vikings gave Staffa its name, meaning "pillar," as it reminded them of their vertical-log designed cabins.

The top of the island is green and beautiful.

This flower/plant grows on the rocks, with the lichen. I have no clue what it is, but it's pretty!

A local came out to say hi.

Next we headed over to Iona!


  1. I need to see this place in person! It looks so amazing, it's hard to believe something like that can be nature made.

  2. It's true that humans can't create things as beautiful as nature can. Loved it!

  3. Who knew that you could find jellyfish in this area? So beautiful!

  4. Okay, this is where I am about to be super nerdy...I am really into rocks and geological formations, so I would completely geek out here! It is now added to our list of must-see's! Also, those look similar to the jellyfish in Abersoch.


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