June 1, 2012

6 Farm Delivery Friday June 1 Plus Some

 Riverford Farm Delivery!
We also got our regular 2L skimmed milk, two orders of buffalo mozzarella, and fat-free yogurt- but those  were in the fridge already when I took this picture and I forgot to get them out.  I trust you know what those look like, though- and if not, just see last week's post

Carrots, calabrese broccoli, kohl rabi (yeah... this was a bonus, I'm not sure what to do with it.  Any ideas? I'll be checking my Riverford cookbooks, of course!), and wet garlic

 wet garlic, onions 
We don't eat onions, other than spring- but these were a part of our box, so I gave them to a friend. 

 cucumbers and butternut squash

 bananas, blueberries, lemons

 shitake mushrooms, tomatoes

 baby spinach, lettuce

 So today I was going to do a "how to make" on baked potato pizza. It's delicious, amazing, etc.
All I got last time I made it was this picture, right before I stuffed my face.
Well... we went out to a late lunch, and now I'm not hungry.  So we're going to make pizza this weekend and I'll have the pictures for you next week. 
Here's my lunch, though- it was delicious!
Chicken and mozzarella panini and side salad from Wildings Tea Room in Pateley Bridge.
I also had chunky chips... yum!

Have a great weekend- I'm going to do as much Jubilee celebration as possible!!


  1. Oh, it all looks SO amazing!! Yum!

  2. Wet garlic? Is wet garlic what Canadian's call Green Onions? I must investigate this further.

  3. I love these posts and this whole idea. Do you guys get everything eaten every week, though...?

  4. I am now SO INTRIGUED by the baked potato pizza!! Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations, can't wait to see the pics of your bunting.
    (does that sound a bit weird? Hmm...!!)

  5. Is Wildings Tea Room another fave like the Welly? You must tell me all the good places to go. You are my England Yoda :)

  6. What a terrible post to read in that twilight hour before lunch - everything looks so good!


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