June 6, 2012

11 Beauty and Rock and Roll

Yesterday we had the AMAZING opportunity to see Sir Elton John in concert.
No cameras were allowed (which means you only get to hold your smartphone up and record the entire show, apparently...), so I've only got my good-times and memories, neither of which can be posted on the blog. 
Let's just say that even the songs I'm not crazy about ("Benny and the Jets", "Honky Cat") sounded great. The songs that actually got the Brits out of their seats? (Yes, the majority of the audience spent the better part firmly seated.) "I'm Still Standing" and "The Bitch is Back."
My biggest smiles? My absolute favorite by him, "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" and his encore, "Your Song." If only Ewan McGegor had come onstage for a duet!
Sadly, he didn't sing "I Want Love" (another big favorite of mine), but maybe this was good, since I can't hear that song without wanting a little RDJ!

Anyway, since I have no original images/footage, I'll just assume you're familiar with EJ and none of you crawled out from under a rock this morning.
Two handsome young men who charmed us prior to the unofficial king of Britain coming onstage might not be as familiar to you.
2Cellos, made up of classically trained cellists Luka Sulić and Stjepan Hauser,
two talented musicians who have a new take on some songs you probably all know by heart.
I'll let you hear a couple for yourself.

These guys have an album out, which I've already ordered. 
I highly encourage you to give them a listen- there are lots of other Youtube videos of them,
(and hey, why not have a look while you listen? (ahem))
I think their rendition of "Fields of Gold" is absolutely enchanting.

Have any new artists blown you off your feet lately?


  1. I just heard about 2Cellos last week! They blew me away - I instantly fell in love!


  2. I'm SUPER jealous about the concert! I'll have to admit, I first saw 2Cellos on Glee. They're AMAZING! I'm surprised their hair doesn't flop onto the strings and mess up the vibrations when they're rocking out.

  3. Wow! ELTON JOHN!!? That's incredible. I would love to see him in concert. When I was a kid I couldn't stand his music, it made me cringe and I think it's because my parent's loved him ;) but a few years ago I really started to fall in love with his music!

  4. It was an amazing concert. Where were you guys seated? We were up under the overhang and I was cracking up at home mean security seemed. No dancing, no umbrellas, no fun.

  5. The cellos are haunting beautiful. I really, really love this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So jealous! Here I was feeling lucky to watch him perform on tv during the Jubilee Concert, haha!!

    And, 2Cellos is amazing!

  7. Andrea- he was fantastic! He seemed a little low-key compared to what I've seen on tv in the past, but he was still more energetic than I expected given his recent illness!

  8. Laura- I don't like the Beach Boys much, and I honestly don't know if the reason is that they're my mom's favorite- funny how we do that!

  9. Oh, my gosh! I've heard 2Cellos, and they're AMAZING. I'm so jealous that you got to see them and EJ!


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