May 24, 2012

2 Why You Get No Post Today

I know it's Thursday, and that means you should be getting the next installment of "Why I Hold a Camera."
This week has been more than a little busy,
my brain has quit working,
(which is how it always seems to react to stress- very mature, I know)
and Tuesday I had what I think was a migraine that put me in bed all day. 
Never had one before, never want one again.

That said,
I'm really enjoying this little series,
and I want to give the next bit (college) my full attention and care.
So... it'll be yours next week.

I'm going to go take my dog out in this 21 ° C/75° F weather,
wearing shorts.
Last Thursday I had on a long sleeve tee under a short sleeve tee under a zip-up jacket under a down coat.
English weather is crazy, y'all.

your regular Farm Delivery Friday is on tomorrow,
and "Why I Hold a Camera" will resume next Thursday.


  1. The weather is the same here in Northern France. Last week I'm wearing a sweater under a jacket and this week I'm wearing short-sleeve, short dresses with nothing else. I think it's a busy time for a lot of people right now.

  2. Thinking of you, Gesci, and definitely enjoy this weather and being outdoors! A nice cider would be perfect to sip outside this weekend and de-stress! :)


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