May 16, 2012

5 Max's Best Neighbors Ever: Lambs Galore

 I've mentioned our lamb neighbors- I even tried to video them.
If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed my excitement on Monday-
I got to touch all three of one of the sets of triplets!
Luckily, my moment of glory came with photographic evidence!

They are really curious about my camera- which is great, since I've been around lambs that are scared from the shutter mechanism.


 We're best friends.  All of us.

 Every photoshoot comes with outtakes!

 They did make sure to check back in with Mummy every so often- like good little children.

 Told you there were a lot of them!

 Mum got a little protective from the paparazzi. 
For the record, I got to touch her, too!

 Like Mother...

 Like daughter (or son)!

 This is the runt of triplet set #20 (the mums and lambs are numbered after birth for identification, there aren't 20 sets of triplets).  Max and I are adopting him/her.
Okay, not really.
The USDA hates us and doesn't want us to expand our family.

 For the record, these pictures of runt #20 aren't cropped in the slightest- no zoom, either. 
We are soul mates!

 Max is obsessed.  Anytime we're outside he whines (very unlike him outside of surgeries) at the wall and hops until I pick him up to watch.  The lambs aren't scared of him, either- they stay right at the wall looking back, until Sloan butts her big head in and barks.  

I tried to take a picture of me holding him, but this was the best self-timer could get. 
To be honest, it's the only try I shot.
If you want to see a video of Max trying to check out the lambs, go to my Facebook page!


  1. I think you should smuggle runty over here. He can live in our back garden & you and Max can visit whenever you want. You can bring him on your way to Haworth. That way I can see your Peach costume!

  2. Seriously, I love the Yorkshire lambs so much! Random squeals are often heard coming from my passenger side of the car as we drive through the countryside!

    That picture of you and Max is so cute!

  3. Becky, aren't they the best?!?! I could (and sometimes do...) watch them for hours! Max is a mess; he's so obsessed he stands by the wall just waiting for the sheep to come over!


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