May 9, 2012

1 The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Part II

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation was designed and developed beginning in 1989 by Charles Jencks and Maggie Keswick, Jencks' late wife, as a way to celebrate the sciences through their passion for landscape architecture.   The garden is atypical in that horticulture isn't the main focus; plants are used as a design tool to accent and display the theories put forth in the overall layout and the individual sculptures.  The garden does have a very pleasant and relaxing feel, and offers a natural flow and progression for strolling through its various segments.  With wide-open areas bordered by carefully designed mounds, ripples, and hedges, the garden beckons you to take a seat and enjoy the scenery, either deep in thought or with a picnic.  

There is a treehouse of sorts there, in the "Garden of Taking Leave of Your Senses" area, with these unusual stairs.  I went up...

and it overlooks this strange swampy-thing.

Going down the stairs was harder- they're rather shallow, and steep.  

We didn't use these stepping stones...
since this clever staircase is right behind them!

I think Wolverine was his gardener... 

This, the Black Hole Terrace, was what I saw the most images of online before we went.  It seemed a lot larger than it was in person, leading me to fervently hope assume the entire garden would be rather Queen of Hearts-like.  It wasn't; but it was still fantastic. 

Found some flowers! This was, in fact, called the "Flower Paradise Garden."

Hedge-hole leading to the Time Garden.

This description... 
is on this little guy. (Not Paul; the building.)  Paul's quite keen on it, though, and wanting his own octagonal clubhouse/enclosed gazebo someday.

The Comet Bridge.

I really liked the arched walls and hedges.

There were several sculptures in the DNA Garden 6 Senses.

I do like a designed footpath!

The other most-photographed part of the garden- the Universe Cascade.

A pillar-topper.

The Garden was definitely worth the drive up!  It's an unusual site that I doubt I'll have another chance to see, so I'm really glad we made the trip!

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  1. Wow! I really love this garden! It's a pity, though, that it's just open one day a year. I mean that's cool in some aspects. I'd sooo love to visit it, but living that far away and making visiting possible just one day a year... Well, I'll have to think about it and figure something out ;) It's really great and I'll try and do everything to visit it one day :)



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