May 4, 2012

10 Farm Delivery Friday May 4 and 3x3 About Me

Top row: skimmed milk 2L and 1L, calabrese broccoli, lettuce
Middle row-ish: parmesan cheese, buffalo mozzarella, cucumbers, apples, pears
Bottom row: dried garlic, purple sprouting broccoli, shitake mushrooms, courgettes, baby spinach
 This delivery is a great summary of what we now consider "staples" in our house.

The broccolis.
It's the last week for PSB, and it's the most vibrant I've seen this year.
I got a lot of comments last Friday asking about our farm delivery- since I know a lot of you are newer readers (yay and welcome!), we've been getting the farm delivery since July 2010, almost every week we're not traveling.  We order through  Riverford, a farming co-op that emphasizes sustainable, seasonal, local, fresh, and organic- all things I do my best to aim for in eating.  The farm delivery has not only helped us get our "5 a Day" (that slogan is HUGE here), but cut down on our frustrating trips across town to the supermarket (the two we can afford prefer are on the busiest road in Harrogate, at any time of day.  It's also introduced us to veg (that word took me AGES to not giggle at- but now I say it all the time!) we've never had before, and the weekly recipes and two cookbooks have rapidly increased my cooking repertoire.  
In short, we depend on it, love it, and get excited every Wednesday night to place our order.
Side perk: our delivery man, Andrew, is not only friendly and helpful with food, but he's given us some of the best suggestions on where to go and what to do!  I've even waited for him on occasion just to ask him about something- he's traveled and lived all over the U.K. and is full of tips on places that charm us to no end!

Keeping in the spirit of food, here's a food related 3x3: About Me!
I intended to have 3x3 be a monthly feature on the 3rd of each month, but I was a little distracted yesterday- by triplets! (at least they kept with the theme!)

Here you go:

Favorite Meals:
beef stew (although I quit eating beef in '07 and have yet to find a taste-appropriate substitute. sadness.)
Spaghetti- but it has to be with angel hair pasta
Waffles, Pancakes, Muffins, Egg-white omelet... basically any time-intensive breakfast.

Ingredients That I Will Refuse a Dish Over:
i.e., the Tom Cruises of food
beans other than green (although I don't like them, either- just not a deal breaker)
coriander (I'm pretty sure I'm allergic after narrowing down why Mexican restaurants cause immediate vomiting for me)

*side note: the most common food that American expats seem to miss is Mexican, so I view this inability to eat it as a blessing in disguise.  Now, if only England could consistently get Chinese right...

Categories of Foods I Won't Eat That (Rightly) Cause Mocking Comments:
orange foods (except carrots)- I hate the color and made this general decision somewhere around age 12
sticky foods that I can't eat with a fork (watermelon on the rind, very ripe stone fruit, etc)
chewy foods (steak (when I did eat beef), gummy candies, brownies)

If you gather from all of this that I'm a picky eater, you're a clever gumshoe.
I've branched out quite a bit as I've gotten older, though, and will forgive onions in a dish as long as I can pick them out, I'm teaching myself to eat mushrooms (more because of my severe lack of protein in my diet than anything), and I've even discovered I like fruit vinaigrettes, after 20+ years of no salad dressings. 
That's all moving forward, right?!

Are there any foods you won't eat for silly reasons, or deal breaker ingredients?


  1. Bell peppers I am mildly allergic to. They are my deal breaker.
    I'm also learngin to try and like more stuff (especially veggies) as I get older. And they are usually good! :) Happy Weekend!

  2. I need to look into doing this where I live. Sounds like a great idea.

  3. "Five a day!" I like that! And that delivery looks DELICIOUS!

  4. That looks so awesome! I wonder if they have something like that in France...the market is close and cheap any everything but getting it delivered seems so easy! Oh..and purple broccoli?! Weird and yet amazing.

  5. That delivery looks amazing! We have a few great farm shops near us that have incredible produce, so I'll have to see if they do box options like this.

  6. That looks incredible! I wish I could find a farm co-op here.... but I will just walk down to the market instead (probably better to avoid total laziness). I was a picky eater all the way until I lived in Malaysia... then I had to learn QUICKLY to try (and love) other foods!

  7. WHAT?!?!?? FROZEN CHICKFILA?!?!?!?! YOU JUST CHANGED MY LIFE GIRL! What a genius idea!!!!!!!

  8. Now that the excitement has worn off and I can breathe again, how did she do it? In like a cooler or something?

  9. You are so funny! And very much so a picky eater! I didn't think anyone was pickier than my boyfriend but now I know... Really? You don't eat orange things? I am trying to think of a list of orange foods - and it doesn't seem like a huge list - oranges? carrots? sweet potatoes? peaches? (or are they peach?) cheese? Well - orange american cheese is worth passing on.

    Too funny though. Oh - and you are so going to miss the veggie delivery when you move back to the states. I am incredibly jealous. I would love it for a guy with a british accent to show up at my house weekly with a pile of fresh veggies!

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I love that you get deliveries from farms. It's an amazing way to go. I found your blog through the Lovely Letters email! New follower!


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