May 18, 2012

6 Farm Delivery Friday May 18 and Dinner at the Welly

Top row: 2L skimmed milk, 1L skimmed milk, carrots, calabrese broccoli
Middle row: lemons, Glastonbury smoked cheddar, celery, cucumbers, spring onions, wet garlic
Stuck in the middle: grapefruit, mixed peppers (bell peppers are just called peppers)
Front row: blueberries! shitake mushrooms, fresh parsley, fresh sage, courgettes, lettuce
 Farm delivery from Riverford. Yes, I was eating those blueberries as I set it up. 

Paul's been in the States all week, so tonight we decided to go out.  I realized we hadn't been to the Welly, our favorite pub, since February- practically sacrilege!  
Since it's staying light so late, I was able to photograph our meal for you.
For the record, I feel like a dweeb using a DSLR to take pictures of food... reason #64 we need a little point-and-shoot.  Or a 21st century cell phone.

 We sat in the conservatory to enjoy the view, and even got to watch some lamb-frolicking!

 The cheesy garlic bread.  We both eat a lot of cheese, and the Welly's menu has several options for us- this is a favorite!
Paul's drinking a Copper Dragon, a local ale.  I had my usual Kopparberg Cider- the mixed fruit flavor.

 Potato and Leek soup.  I couldn't decide between my trusty fish pie or a variety of starters as a meal- after we decided to come back within the week, I opted for the starters.
The Welly's soups are delicious, and the bread that is served with them is INCREDIBLE!  

 Grilled chicken, goat cheese, and pear salad with balsamic dressing.
I could have eaten an entire bowl of this salad!

 Breadcrumb fried brie with cranberry chutney.  Our favorite waitress, Helen, recommended this to me once, and it's been on my "regulars" rotation ever since.  I'm not a fan of brie normally, but gooey warm bites of this dipped in the cranberry chutney is amazing!

 We always get cheesy chips, too! I've found that some pub's chips seem to be glorified frozen french-fry consistency- not the Welly!  They're potatoey and delicious. 
The steamed seasonal veg is served alongside the pies. 

Paul got his favorite, the steak and ale pie.  He couldn't even wait to start while I took the pictures- clearly we shouldn't wait 3 months between coming here!

Have a great weekend!  We've got a busy one planned- and you know you'll hear all about it!!


  1. oooh, that brie...cheese and fruit is never a bad idea. That looks like a great meal and a great grocery delivery.
    Happy weekend! :)

  2. Drool thanks for the food porn. I haven't eaten yet so this post is especially appealing.

  3. Joslin, just the thought of going to the Welly gets me drooling- I love it!! Hopefully this inspired a great dinner for you!

  4. Oh my...this post just kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. First the blueberries and then all that cheese...and then it just kept going on!!

  5. I love English pub food (it's actual much more diverse than I ever imagined it to be) and this one looks to have especially delicious options! Yum!

  6. YUM all this food looks so incredibly yummy! and your grocery delivery looks amazing. hope you had a great weekend x


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