May 11, 2012

8 Farm Delivery Friday May 11 and Homemade Pop-tarts!

Top row: new potatoes, shitake mushrooms, 2L semi-skimmed milk, calabrese broccoli
Middle row: wet garlic, spring onions, grapefruit, cucumbers, lettuce
Bottom row: blueberries, apples, gem lettuce, baby spinach
Our farm delivery from Riverford is something we both look forward to every Friday!

Finally!  I live for fruit- particularly berries. 

These prompted this conversation, one that could only be had by Americans living in Britain:
Me, eating 125g of blueberries: Do you want some of these?
Paul: No, Piggy.
Me: Yeah... I just devoured two and a half pounds of blueberries.
Paul: That container isn't two and a half pounds!
Me: Two and a half pounds worth of dollars, not weight!

Wet garlic is something I discovered here.  Sort of like a garlic version of spring onions, it's not as strong of a garlic flavor as dried garlic but acts as an addition to the dish as opposed to just a flavor.
I love some garlic.

Gem lettuce has a more buttery flavor than regular lettuce.  It's great in simple sandwiches, as it has its own flavor.

New potatoes! I'm thinking au gratin tonight!

Two Saturdays ago I was meeting some friends for our monthly Girls' Night, and, while I was trying to figure out what to make (pretty much always a dessert, I'm a compulsive baker), I remembered this enticing post from Aspiring Kennedy: homemade pop-tarts
Now, while I am a sucker for all things sugary, baked, and delicious, I generally avoid processed and packaged foods as well as store-bought baked goods- I figure, if I'm going to have the calories, I want to eat the best.  Packaged and store-bought are rarely the best.
That said, Toaster Strudel and Pop-tarts are things I sometimes succumb to- and instantly regret.
Homemade ones? Yes, please!

Anyway.  I made these:
Sorry, it's a Photobooth pic- I was running out the door!
I made half of these nutella treats with regular pie crust (shortcrust) using the Pie it Forward recipe and half with thawed store-bought puffed pastry I had on hand (I made twice as many as shown).  They were both delicious! 

Since they were such a hit, I had to make more. I had a late(r) start at work on Tuesday, so I thought that would be a perfect day to try a different flavor: apple and cinnamon.
I made the pie crust the night before, and made the double-crust amount from Pie it Forward's recipe.

side note: Gesine Bullock-Prado is a baking genius. Her two books, Sugarbaby and Pie it Forward, are both go-to staples in my kitchen.  Each book also has a blog (link is to her main blog; links to the other blogs are in the right column of her blog), which she uses to give step-by-step pictorials and videos for her recipes. Seriously, she's on my dream-list of people to meet.

In the morning I set the dough out to soften before I showered. When I got out, I rolled out the dough.
Edit (oops!): instead of rolling the dough out over regular sugar like Aspiring Kennedy (and I) did for the nutella ones, I rolled it out over chunky cinnamon-infused sugar.  This added great flavor!

When I'm making apple pie I only use real apples- I'm kind of a baking snob.  However, for these, I thought canned apple filling would be more appropriate.  I lined each section with water (to connect it when I folded it over later) and put a dollop of apple filling on one side of each section.

I used my pastry roller (or ravioli cutter, for you cooks out there!) to press the wet edges of each section together. 

Then I popped them in the Aga, finished getting ready, and threw them in a bowl-
they were such a hit, I've been "given permission" to make them as often as I can!
I bought a few different preserves and chutneys to try next- I'm going to attempt to re-create Paul's favorite Pop-tart, frosted strawberry... it's a tall challenge, but I'm up to it!

[If you're not a follower of hers already, check her out! Her blog is chock-full of amazing travel tips, great product finds, and overall fun.  She's American, based in London, but just spent the spring in Paris- luckily she's so charming and kind it's hard to hate her!]


  1. oh my gosh i want those little apple bites RIGHT NOW!

    love the pound/lbs reference

  2. I'm so jealous of your farm deliveries. Yum yum yum! I, like you, love berries. The exchange between you and your husband is pretty darn funny!

  3. mmm... i think you just evolved my recipe into real greatness! did you add cinnamon? that + ice cream = the best idea ever. :)

    thanks for posting this and blogging about it. i LOVE seeing that other people like them, too!! xo

  4. wow you are a baking queen with homemade pop tarts!! i definitely want to try those. and what a great box you gt. i definitely agree with making potato au gratin!

  5. I am pretty jealous of your Friday deliveries - looks like you get some great stuff!

    Also, those pop-tarts look pretty AMAZING. I wish I had the baking gene. I have a hard time following those "direction" things, so cooking is more of my friend!

  6. I'll take your treats over Pop-Tarts any day!

    And I love that even though you and Paul have lived there for quite some time, there is still a lingo obstacle! Pounds. Ha!

  7. Jealous of your homegrown blueberries. I miss the ones from my parents' blueberry garden. I am so ready for summer fruit and berries, if only the sun would stay out too!

    Those pop-tarts look incredible! Will have to try them!

  8. Becky- they're from the farm delivery! You should check and see if Riverford delivers to your area, it's a great program. I am a berry fiend, too- I can't wait for the wild blackberries this summer, and cheap strawberries everywhere!
    Definitely make the poptarts- they're totally worth it (and you won't miss the boxed kind at all after you have these!)!


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