April 20, 2012

3 Lambs, Twins Edition

Monday, after work, I walked down the street from our house to photograph some flocks of sheep.

 Like most lambs, a lot of these were born in twos.

 I'm 95% sure this is the lamb I chased out of the street and back into his field earlier in the day.  When the lambs are still small, but old enough to venture away from their mum's side, they tend to squeeze their way through gates and end up in the road.  Since seeing one dead my first spring, I've stopped no matter what to chase them back into the field.

 A view of the barn on this farm.

Tuesday afternoon I had another lamb-chasing situation, but this one was the most adventuresome yet.  I was driving on a very windy, hilly, 60 mph country road when I saw a car ahead with the hazards on.  I slowed, and saw why- there was a lamb running up and down the road.  I stopped, got out, and started chasing.  The lamb was much faster than me, and probably had a lot more adrenaline going for it- but after a few more cars stopped to block traffic (and startling the lamb towards me) and a kind older gentleman also got out to help corral the little guy, I managed to get it through the hedge to the fence- where it promptly got stuck halfway through the wire (a sort of large-holed chicken wire).  I crawled through the hedge myself, pried the lamb out of the wire backwards, and boosted it over the wire, through the fence, where it promptly ran off, bleating.  As I extracted myself, the old man asked if I was okay, and then asked if it was my lamb- I said no, and he thanked me for being a "concerned person".  
Now I wish I had claimed the little guy... 
I could have had a lamb!!
I did have my camera with me, but between being alone in my car and being concerned for the lamb's safety I didn't get any pictures- so, unless one of the other drivers was videoing the crazy American chasing a lamb up and down the road, you'll have to settle for my story.

Hopefully there aren't too many more lambs in the road, 
but if there are-
you know I'll be there!


  1. Just came across your blog! Great photography. I love reading about different travel experiences. I would love to make my way to Europe someday! My husband spent several months studying at Oxford! Anyway, great blog!



  2. They are way, way, WAY too cute! I love the wide open spaces. I'm hoping to see lots of sheep when I visit New Zealand :)

  3. Thanks, Chelsea!! Europe is worth it, and be sure to take some time in the countryside, of any country- it may not be something to check off a "must-see" list, but I think the scenery can't be beat, especially in North Yorkshire!!


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