April 6, 2012

2 Food Day Friday: Farm Delivery and Oven S'mores

Top row: skimmed milk: 1 Liter and 2 Liter, celery, kale, green lettuce
Front row: shitake mushrooms, gala apples, grapefruit, courgettes, cucumbers
Like I've mentioned, we're cutting back on our farm delivery amounts each week.  Since it's gotten warmer and we can't store any leftovers from one week to the next in our conservatory, I am trying to be economical and not waste food by ordering just what we need.  We still have some potatoes, carrots, baby spinach, and leeks from last week (those store easier!)  That said, I drink a lot of milk and it's inconvenient to have to run to the post office to buy more- and I'm picky about wanting "happy cow" milk, so I just went ahead and ordered an extra liter this week. 

 I ordered kale this week, despite having never eaten it before, because I keep seeing delicious looking kale chips on Pinterest- anybody made these?  Have tips/flavors for me?

 I've been craving sandwiches lately (probably something to do with the amazing Jarlsburg cheese I've got in the fridge), but since I don't eat lunch meats I'm thinking some thinly long-sliced courgettes, lettuce, Jarlsburg... and anything else in the fridge that looks tempting!

 We really can't get enough of these shitake mushrooms.  Both of our parents will be shocked to read this, but it's true.  It's also helping my (slow but steady) move to full vegetarianism.

 Dancing Branflake's post today made me want s'mores (yeah, that little bitty italicized word- what can I say?  I'm highly susceptible to suggestion.) so I decided to make my trusty oven s'mores.  Then I decided to share them with you.
So.  First you take the graham.   Also take marshmallows, chocolate (I only eat dark), and a ramekin.  One that says "ramekin" is helpful, so you know you've got the right dish.

 Crunch up two squares of graham cracker(or just enough to cover the bottom of the ramekin) and place 2-4 pieces of chocolate evenly distributed on the graham crackers.

Add a thick healthy and moderate layer of mini-marshmallows.

 Bake in oven until top of marshmallows is toasted.  
Now, this is in our Aga (yeah, I should really clean out my baked sweet potato drips, huh?), which has the main oven permanently about 400ยบ Fahrenheit, so I just put it in there.  If you're in the States or don't have an Aga, I'd just use a toaster oven since heating up a conventional oven would be wasteful for this and a microwave would make the marshmallows hard and rubbery.  
(Yes, I do realize I haven't done a post on living with an Aga- I promise that will happen soon- pertinent information for this post: the Aga is always on, at a constant temperature, with 2-4 ovens depending on your model, each at different permanent temperatures.)
Update: Aga post!

 See how everything's perfectly melted/blended?  YUM!

 Remember that Dog Ice Cream recipe?  I just wanted to show you how much they enjoy it.

Now I'm going to try and talk Paul into going out to a Greek restaurant tonight for dinner- using the argument "well, I'd rather go back to Greece and eat, but this is closer/more affordable" should work, right??
Happy Easter weekend!


  1. Oh, shut... your... face. I am drooling over here! And you just made me that much more excited for the farmers' market tomorrow!

    I haven't tried those oven s'mores before, but... now I'm going to! Look at that! Delish!

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. Oven S'mores? HELLO! I am going to make these. and eat them. Do you think I could just skip out the chocolate and graham crackers and just bake the marshmallows?


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