March 22, 2012

0 Where We Go: Valley Gardens II

 Last Sunday was a gorgeous day, and I had the dogs all to myself since Paul had to work.  I decided we'd do separate walks, to work a bit on manners and to have some more one-on-one time with each of them.  Max and I went to a footpath near the windmills, but Sloan and I went to a classic favorite: Valley Gardens.
  We always park in the back, behind an area called The Pinewoods.  There are some trails through a forested area that comes out in the back of the garden, near the frisbee-golf part, most often used by dogs to play fetch.  After walking to the open area and playing fetch for a bit, I hooked Sloan's lead back on and we went down to the main garden.

The central part of the garden is a beautifully landscaped area with paths around grassy areas and a pond.
The garden was crowded, since it was such a nice day and Mother's Day to boot!

 This is a little tea room that also serves Ripley's Ice Cream in the warmer months- it's the closest I've found to soft-serve in Great Britain, so I often get a cone.

 One of Valley Garden's most picturesque locations is the Sun Pavilion.  It sits along Cornwall Rd. and is popular for whiling away the afternoon or for photoshoots.

 As Spring and Summer commence the vines turn a luscious green, blocking out most of the light even on a bright-sun day.

Obviously, since Paul's in it, this is a picture from a previous visit.  I just love it, though, and it also shows some of the tree-lined paths in the gardens.

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