March 19, 2012

2 St. Michael's Church, Kirkby Malham

(That's right, I'm planning ahead for boring days!)

We stopped at St. Michael's Church, the medieval church in Kirkby Malham, on our way home from Malham Cove.

It was later in the day, and the church was closed, but I walked around the grounds to see the exterior.  
A fairly standard medieval church, the current building was constructed in the 1400s, although it is thought a church existed on this site as much as 700 years earlier.

I googled "St. Michael fish" to find out about this door, and apparently fish is served at St. Michael's feast- so I guess it's his symbol/token food?

I can never decide if I would like my house to overlook a cemetery or not.  I am not a fan of burial/cemeteries, although I do enjoy the peace and solitude at an older one (and no, I don't advocate digging up current residents).  I also like to read the old gravestones and make up stories of the lives led.

Stained glass just isn't as lovely from the outside, is it?

One interesting fact that makes St. Michael's stand apart:
in 1655 Oliver Cromwell signed two different records kept in the church- once as a witness to a marriage!


  1. Did you see The Watery Grave? great story...

  2. I hadn't heard of The Watery Grave before- but it IS a great story (yay for Google)!! Thanks for sharing!! Now I've got to go back- good thing I love the Dales!


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