March 16, 2012

0 Farm Delivery Friday, March 16

From the bottom left, clockwise: shitake mushrooms, grapefruit, chicken and vegetable soup, cherry tomatoes, skimmed milk, celery, lettuce, leeks, some kind of pepper, baby spinach, and sweet potatoes.
Today's post on Malham Cove is long and full of pictures (oh, something new and different for a change!) so this Farm Delivery Friday is short and sweet.  We've still got some carrots and potatoes from last week, and are trying to not over-stock because it's gotten warm enough that we can't store our extra veg and drinks in the conservatory (sun room) anymore.  Yeah, the joys of Spring come with a few drawbacks, too!

Just in case you've been missing the Smee on the blog, here she is.  She, like many cats, cannot resist an open container- box, crate, bag, etc.  This week I ordered the salad bag for the farm delivery, so we got a giant paper bag- after emptying it, I dropped it on the floor for her, knowing it wouldn't take long.  She obliged!

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