January 9, 2012

0 Where We Go: Valley Gardens

Valley Gardens is a regular place on our itinerary.  It's a beautiful park on the edge of Harrogate that can  be enjoyed by everyone, as there are play areas for children, a bike/skate park area, some recreational sports (tennis, frisbee golf), a tea room, and an unofficial dog park.   Behind the garden park is a wooded area called "The Pinewoods" that we regularly park behind and stroll through in order to wear out a little of the dogs' crazy before we get to the social zone!

These terraced houses are some of Harrogate's prime real-estate- you can see why!

Sloan, making a friend between fetches. 

Somehow our dogs are magnets to mud puddles, and this one in particular enjoys running full-tilt through mud and muck!

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