January 22, 2012

0 Taking the Weekend Off

Sorry I haven't posted.
Yesterday was a lazy day for all of us;
the only productive thing we did was pick up a rug from the cleaners 
and take the dogs to Valley Gardens.
I seem to have a pressure bruise of sorts on the back of my heel
and my wellies are KILLING me right now.

Today started off nasty windy,
then turned blue-sky pretty
so I took the dogs out.

I had plans to take them to a nice river path,
but putting my wellies on in the doorway was excruciating.
So, back to Swinsty we went, 
because it's a fairly smooth-going path.
My Converse are now covered in mud,
and by the end of the 3 miles they even had me limping a bit.
Since we got home the dogs have been passed out,
because it's twice as exhausting to take a walk on lead...

So that's good.

Other good news:
I've [finally] finished sorting the pictures from our
two day London break after Budapest-
yeah, it's ridiculous that it's taken me this long.
Posts should be up in the next couple of days!

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