January 15, 2012

0 Some Version of Winter is Here...

Swinsty Reservoir at dusk.  On a very cold day.
Still no snow (both a good and bad thing to me), but thick frost and fog.

The short winter days are probably my least favorite part of living here;
it's incredibly hard to fit everything into a day that's only got 7-9 hours of light.

Thankfully, it's not fully dark until 5PM these days,
which is nice.

In the meantime,
this week looks to be long and boring-
I'm working four days (boo!).

I keep typing maudlin ramblings about how I don't want to move.
It's all true.
I don't.

I won't have much choice.

We're not sure when, or where,
but it's probably* within the next year
and most likely back to the States.
Neither of which I'm happy about.

I'm really not having a pity party;
just trying to be more honest and personal
on the blog.


*There's really no chance we'll still be here a year from now; I'm just in denial.

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