January 26, 2012

0 I'm Working on Ideas

to help fill the days when I don't have any pictures for you.

Like today, when I worked most of the day, 
and as soon as I got off work
the skies turned ominous and sleet-gray
and started raining.

Maybe I'll do some souvenir photoshoots,
or Stoke-finds pictures,
or auction buys pictures.

Any requests?

I'm also taking submissions of ideas
regarding a new title for the blog.

When we end up moving later this year,
chances are my witty and clever
"English As A Second Language"
won't make any sense.

I could change it to
"Re-Learned American"
but that's just not as fun, is it?

So if you have anything
witty, charming, adaptable,
and oh-so-me sounding,
send me a message.
Or comment.


Tomorrow we're headed up to Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby-
with the dogs, but Sloan won't be jumping over any walls this time!
Pictures are promised!

* Oh my gosh, I'm getting tired of my own words on this thing.  Hang in there, it'll get better, I promise!

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