January 6, 2012

0 Barcelona: Montserrat

Montserrat was on our "must-see" list for Barcelona.  The monastery sits about an hour outside of Barcelona, but is easily accessible by train from Espanya Rail Station near Parc Miró.  Once off the train we followed some slightly confusing signs to the cable car- where we headed up the mountain.

We took the cable car up the mountain to the monastery. 

The view over the ravine from the cable car.

The other cable car on the line.

Post box!

The courtyard outside the chapel.

The altar area, with the pulpit.

The piece over the pulpit.

Stained glass windows in the back area of the church.

La Moreneta, or the Virgin of Montserrat.  One of the "black Madonnas", the Catalan name means "the little dark-skinned one."

The roof over the stairwell beyond the Virgin.

Some of the votive candles.

The roof of the nave.

A side chapel, with a negative imprint of a face, hands, and feet in the body image of a crucifix. 

This statue sits outside the chapel. 

Paul wanted to hike one of the trails, so he picked one that went to a hermitage. On the way we passed some Spanish hikers, who pointed out these two snackers across the ravine.

The monastery from the mountain.


A pretty path.

The hermitage!  This man was some sort of campsite-host, who lived here with his two dogs.  He sold snacks, basic supplies, and even hosted overnight campers- for a small fee.  

The two dogs had the run of the area, and were very friendly and playful. 
We, of course, were delighted to have temporary dog-company!

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