January 5, 2012

0 Barcelona: The Harbor and Parks

 Barcelona's harbor was pretty much like any other harbor, which isn't saying anything bad- I love harbors.  This one had a pirate ship!  
(Technically they're called "tall ships", but I always think of them as pirate ships.)

 A man was tossing bread to the gulls.  I took their pictures.


 A dock restaurant reflected in the aquarium roof.

 Sculpture on the shore.

 This fish sculpture is by Frank Gehry, created for the 1992 Olympics.

 Parc de la Ciutadella is located not far from Port Olimpic, on the opposite end of the greenspace from Barcelona Zoo.  We walked through it, and it was a very pleasant area. 

 This large fountain sits in the center of this part of the park.

 We went to Park Míro whilst waiting for our train to Montserrat. It was a quiet place, and would be a nice place for a picnic or a lazy afternoon with a book.

 It was morning, and we stumbled across an unofficial dog park.  This gentleman had treats, if you can't tell!

 This chow opted out of the play to bask in the sun.

Finally, the park's namesake: Míro's sculpture!

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