December 28, 2011

0 English Overheard

Today I went into Harrogate to do a bit of shopping. 

As I was sorting through the sales racks at the Gap, I overheard two sales girls talking: 

girl A: I really like that denim top.

girl B: Yes, but what would you wear it with?

girl A: I'm not sure. I've got a light denim top that goes with my dark denim trousers. It's harder with a dark denim top, I've only got dark denim trousers.

girl B: Well I'm not sure... 

girl A: Or with chinos. It would look tops with chinos.

girl B: Oh, yes, classic American look.

Poor Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein...
apparently the epitome of American fashion hangs on dusty racks in a feed supply shop.

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