December 26, 2011

0 Boxing Day

If you're someone who still has a paper calendar you might notice today is listed as 

Boxing Day.

No, this isn't a day in celebration of Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali.

Rather, Boxing Day stems from a history of aristocracy and servitude. 
Because the upper class needed their servants to work on Christmas day (to serve Christmas dinner, amongst other tasks), the servants traditionally got their holiday a day later- December 26.

The "box" part is believed to describe the gifts, hand-me-down clothes (if you got new ones for Christmas, you pass the old ones to your maid!), and leftover food packaged up and given to the servants by their employers.

Today, Boxing Day means something more universal:  SALES!
And a bank holiday (means national holiday).

I wonder if today's sales staff gets a different day off in lieu of Boxing Day... 

I've opted out of the hustle and bustle, despite having some errands due.

I've spent the day in a much more enjoyable way.
I made homemade Belgian waffles for breakfast
and I've been editing Budapest photographs whilst watching 

A period drama set in the 1910s, the show explores the life of both the family and staff at a Yorkshire estate.   

That's right... Yorkshire.  Although it's filmed in Hampshire- boo.
Most of the actors are from Yorkshire as well- 
and Mr. Carson, the butler, is played by Harrogate's own Jim Carter.


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