November 13, 2011

0 Venice Trip: Days 1 & 2

 Kudos to our Ryanair pilots- this is our front gate and the fog through which we took off!!

 I wish airlines would clean the windows, because I really love above-the-clouds shots.

 The Dolomites across northern Italy.

 After arriving, buying our several passes (more on that later), and finding the water bus, we finally saw Venice!!

 The view from our room!

 Grand Canal!

 Lots of clocks, some working, some not, some making sense, some not.

 Gondolas lined up by Piazza San Marco.

 Supplies and wares coming in by boat!

 There are Carnevale mask shops all over.

 The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge at night.

Gondolas docked at the Grand Canal at night.

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