November 17, 2011

0 Venice Trip: Day 5

Santa Maria della Visitazione, or La Pieta.  Vivaldi was the choirmaster here and is said to have had a part in the re-design of 1745 due to the amazing architectural acoustics.  He also worked as the adjoining orphanage's choirmaster and it is said that many parents tried to pass their children off as orphans in order to place them under his instruction.  I'd read that the church is only open for performances during the summer season, so when we walked by it to see the facade I was quite upset to read that it is open for visiting most days- sadly, we were out of time.

The Arsenal.

We got up early to walk around and enjoy our last morning in Venice.  Because of our early start we were able to watch parents dropping their children off at school- and these patient dogs waiting outside the entrance!  Interesting note: we saw Venetians walking their dogs throughout the day, every day.  Most of the dogs were small, which does make sense due to the limited space for leg-stretching, but we did see a few Golden Retrievers, a Weimeraner, some German Shepherds, and even a few mixes like that handsome fellow above.   What was so entertaining about the dogs, though, was their wardrobe. Almost every small dog had on some sort of sweater or coat, most far more stylish than anything I own!  Italian fashion extends all the way to the ankle-biters, it seems!

A mask shop.  Most shops sell highly decorated masks, but some also sell plain ones so the buyer can control the decoration.

Paint-water canals!

Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli.  As with La Pieta, we were too early to go into this church, but I'm still glad we found it.  The exterior is the most designed of all the chiese (excluding the Basilica) we saw in Venice.

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