November 15, 2011

0 Venice Trip: Day 3

This sculpture was in a glass-artist gallery across from the entrance to the Museo Correr

An artist installation in Chiesa di San Fantin by Oksana Mas, consisting of over 3.5 million wooden eggs.

The canal entrance of La Fenice.  We were able to do a partial tour and sit in for a bit of a rehearsal at the famed opera house.  The history of La Fenice has enough drama to create it's own opera, if you're interested.

Paul and I have been wracking our brains trying to remember what chiesa this was, and google images isn't helping, either- if you know, will you tell me?  

 Palazzos along the Grand Canal.

 I'm not sure what this statue is of or for, but he overlooks the Grand Canal and kind of reminds me of some animated character who's a duck-scientist thing...

 Grand Canal at sunset.

 Basilia di San Marco at night.

Piazza San Marco at night.

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