November 15, 2011

0 Venice Trip: Campanile

The Campanile is the bell tower of the Basilica dei San Marco.  An imposing tower, it looms (crookedly, of course!) over the Piazza. 

The Campanile was constructed in this form in 1514.  In 1902 the entire tower collapsed in it's place- luckily injuring no one- and, true to the Venetian saying Com'era, dov'era "Like it was, where it was", it was rebuilt and completed in 1912. 

The Campanile gives 360° views of Venice.  This is (obviously!) Piazza San Marco.

The Basilica in the shadow of the Campanile.

The Clocktower.

Of course, while I was up there, I had to take a picture of the bells!  (To be honest, I forgot, and we were getting back on the elevator for the ride down when I realized and got back off!)

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