November 20, 2011

0 A Day in the Life

While I've been sorting through my pictures from our recent trip to Venice and mentally flogging myself over not having finished posting our trip to Ireland or our most recent Scotland trip, I realized that this blog has rapidly devolved into only travel posts.  While this is fine, and Paul and I enjoy the little posts down memory lane, I realize that there are a few of you who care about our actual lives and others of you who may just be curious about what our regular life is like. 

 (Un)fortunately, two years in, we've grown accustomed to the freedom of taking our dogs everywhere, picking up steak bakes (Paul) and Chelsea buns (Gesci) at a bakery in town when we're there, and braking at a screeching, adrenaline-rushed halt when coming face to face with another car careening around the narrow country roads at 60 mph. 
(No, neither of us has had a real accident yet, but a friend of mine who's quite competent and lived here as long as we have just did.  Thankfully she's okay, although her car is the mechanical equivalent of dead, but the incident made us realize how many chance-misses we've each had.)

With all of that I'm trying to tell you that I'm going to attempt to start a new weekly post: "A Day in the Life."  You may know that this is a fantastic song by The Beatles... coincidence?  Not really.   But I'll warn you: most of our days are fairly boring.  Lately they've involved a lot of work, especially on my part, since more work=more travel, plus as the days have gotten shorter and shorter (my biggest complaint about living here!) we've had to start cramming all of our day-time activities into the hours before 4:30 PM.   

I'm only going to do this post once a week so that hopefully I can pick days that are slightly more involved than most.  I'll even do my best to get the other articulate member of the family involved- no, not Sloan, unless you want to read "Stretched.  Pawed at covers.  Went outside, sniffed where some mice and hedgehogs were during the night.  Went back to sleep in front of the Aga.  Got up in time to bark at some passing cyclists.  Went outside again.  Barked again.  Man, I love the sound of my own voice.  Mommy and Daddy FINALLY took me out.  Trotted in front of them 'cause they're too slow.  Peed on some stuff.  Sniffed some other stuff.  Fetched my ball.  Got back in the car under duress.  Went home, ate some kibble.  Back to sleep in front of the Aga."  
[Edit: Due to some of her fans' encouragement, Sloan now has a blog.]

This post won't count; since we've been back the past couple of days have consisted mostly of me sorting pictures, Paul catching up on homework, laundry, sleep, and dog walking.  

If you have any questions about life here, feel free to ask... I'm told people read this blog, and your feedback is always welcome, so comment/message away!

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