July 3, 2011

0 Ireland! Clonmel Show

 My main purpose for traveling to Ireland at this specific time was to see the Donkey Derby (more on that later!), which is part of Clonmel Show.  We spent the day in Clonmel and had the most beautiful weather yet- both Paul and I were sunburnt after!  A fairly standard "show", it compares most to State Fairs in the States- livestock, horse showing, dog agility competition.  I didn't see any "biggest rhubarb" type contests, but I may have just missed those.  We spent the day walking around, enjoying ourselves, and I took the time to practice a little animal-sport photography.  Hopefully you enjoy.

 This dog's expression is priceless!

 Note how low the bar is set for the little dogs- something tells me this guy scoffs at that!

 This guy's just a couple of months old, and is starting to lose his baby feathers- that's the fuzz on him.  He was super soft, we both pet him.

 Most of the people showing livestock wore these white coats.  Any 4Hers want to fill me in?

 This cow won her class- we watched the whole judging.  Still no clue as to why she was better than the others, but I liked that her person didn't put a ring in her nose!

 You think they look forward to the show each year same as the people?  "Oh, look at Bessie, she looks fantastic after having her 7th!" "Ellie, though- really, why would she have THAT halter on, today!  It's the show!!"
 Baby butts!

 These dudes with the bling are important... one of them is the Minister of Agriculture, or something like that.

 A boxer!!  (Who has his tail- tails aren't docked in Europe unless they're working dogs! YAY!)

 This was some sort of root-veg carrying race.  I'm not sure... it was funny, though.  Contestants couldn't touch the veg with their hands, even if it fell.  The track they're on is the Donkey Derby track.

 Yeah, that's a sheep.  With a flashy collar.  In the grandstands.  So?

 Of course, Tug-of-War.  Although they called it something else... I can't remember.

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