June 11, 2011

1 Knaresborough Bed Race 2011

Last year I was delighted to attend the Knaresborough Bed Race.  I discovered, however, that prior to the actual race there is a fantastic display of the beds and runners in all their costumed glory- which I missed. This year Paul was excited to go with me (he missed last year's), but, because of a work event for him, we weren't able to stay for the race.  We did make the parade, though...

The theme this year was "British History."  There were 90-odd beds entered, and while you may feel like there are a lot of photographs here, there most certainly aren't ninety.  Some ideas were repeated, like Robin Hood, Henry VIII's wives, the King James Bible's 400 year anniversary, but others were more novel.  Enjoy.

Regal knights.

A chippy (fish and chips shop).

A miner's picket.

A-ha!  The silliness!  Some queens?

Great British Seaside Holiday.

Hmm... more knights.

Robin Hood!

English gentlemen a-motoring.

Some sort of Robinson Crusoe-esque boat and crew.

The Women's Land Army!!

A horse-drawn carriage.

There were lots of vikings.  I'm not sure if these guys were specifically, since they don't have the mandatory horned helmet, but they do have some modern technology.  Is Viking-punk in?

Votes for women!  There were a few beds decorated in honor of this pivotal part of history, but this one had young girls chanting "What do we want?" "The vote!" "When do we want it?" "NOW!!"

I am not entirely sure what this theme was, but I do like that the picture makes it look like the front-right girl is picking paper-mâché Victoria's nose.

This bed was a May Day Pole.  

We were treated to a May Day Dance.  This is traditionally done by small children, so it was extra-comical to see these young men frolicking.

The Plague.

WWII aviators.

A bit of local history- Knaresborough Munitions, circa WWII.

There were a few different sea-related beds, some general, some specific (the Titanic) but this was the only one with a chain of fishermen!!

More plague.

A novel theme- The Bed Bar.  I'm not sure what this is in British History, but it's funny!

A different type of horse and carriage.

Another seaside bed.

And, Jelly Babies.  I'd never heard of these, so it was nice that the bed provided a little explanation.

Hopefully next year we make both the parade and race- here's to 2012!

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