May 25, 2011

0 Krakow: Funny Stuff and Foody Stuff

It seemed that, whenever confronted by an English word trying to weasel its way into their vocabulary, the Polish respond by defiantly smacking a "ski" onto the end of it.  Or, if the word ends in a vowel, a "jeski".  
(Please remember that "w" is an English "v" sound.)

We saw this sign several times, and I'm not sure if it's the name of a chain of stores or just an easy, one-word notice of their best selling product.  

Krakow LOVES its dragon.  Wawel Hill is built over the dragon's cave (there's a legend! Krakow is FULL of legends!) and the dragon has, over the years, become less evil and more mascot-like.

This mural was on our way to the old Jewish Ghetto.

This rook was just down one of the side streets off of the Main Market Square.  I kept calling it a pawn... I guess my years of lunchtable chess at Kittredge have worn off. 

This reminds me of some Tim Burton character or something... if you can place it, let me know!

Street mime!  He made me pose-hug him... it was awkward, but I was taking his picture.  I prefer to pay in currency, not in fear of stage makeup on my clothes!!

Another street artist. 

Break-dancers.  Being an American child of the 80s, they weren't that good.  But these two little boys were fascinated!

This story is a little more interesting.  We were walking along and heard sirens.  We watched as the police car below blocked the street and the officer began removing people from the area.  We kept watching as this beer guy waddled up, ducked under the caution tape, and proceeded to follow the police officer around.  It was quite funny, until Paul realized they were evacuating buildings and it may have been something serious, so we left the area.

Street artist!  This one "wrote" a story for you in his book if you paid him.

Street ar...whatever.  Guy who does "illusions".  

A girl's art portfolio.  There were university students everywhere, and I saw tons of art students.  Krakow seems like a great place to study.  While it made me nostalgic for Lamar Dodd, I don't miss those heavy portfolio straps cutting into my shoulder!

Graffiti on a wall.

This was on our holiday apartment's street.

Roast chicken!


Chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick!  I got some, they weren't bad!

Paul had several kielbasa. 

These stands were everywhere, so I braved up and bought one of the little 6zt triangles.  The first bite wasn't bad, to me (both Paul and Caitlin cringed!), but the cheese inside is REALLY salty, and the second bite just about sucked all the moisture from my mouth! 

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