May 24, 2011

0 Krakow: Barbican and Cloth Hall

The Krakow Barbican was built in 1498 as a military outpost and part of the city walls.  It is currently a venue for concerts and exhibitions, as well as a tourist attraction.

We were unable to see the interior, as we were there before it opened.  If I ever happen to be back in Krakow I hope to see a performance there, though!

St. Florian's Gate, in Krakow's Old Town just past the Barbican.  Built in the 14th century, it was part of the fortifications against the Turks.

Bas-relief of St. Florian on the tower.

Krakow's Sukiennice, or Cloth Hall.  One of the main attractions of the city, it sits in the Main Market Square and was a European hub of commerce for centuries, with it's peak during the 15th century.

All the major cities in Poland had crests on the walls of the Cloth Hall.

The booths inside the Hall are mostly souvenir vendors, but it's worth it to walk through.

The Town Hall Tower in the Main Market Square, built in the late 13th century. It is all that's left of the old Town Hall, which was demolished to create more open space in the square.

The two lions guarding the tower.

He looks... ferocious.

Part of the Eros Bendato sculptures by Igor Mitoraj.  The head lays at the base of the Town Hall Tower.

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