March 26, 2011

0 Greece: Nafplion Castles

 We didn't arrive in Nafplio until nearly 4, so we assumed we were too late to see either of the castles there, as most sites closed between 2 and 3.  However, while I was photographing this castle from the dock I used my telephoto lens and saw people, so we looked around, and sure enough there were small boats going over.  So we paid our euro and got on.

 This is the castle of Bourtzi, situated in Nafplio's harbor.  Built in the late 15th century, it has served many purposed varying from a defense fortress to a hotel over the years.  

 View of Nafplio and Palamidi from Bourtzi.

 Treats for those of you related to us:

 This is Palamidi, or the Castle of 999 Steps.  Seriously, there are a billion steps.  And we climbed them.  I climbed up to the big wall on the left-middle-top area, and Paul went another 3 staircases further.  The castle was closed, unfortunately (we did know this at the bottom...).  While the views were nice, trying to keep my skirt from blowing up in the wind and mooning all of Nafplio and the intense pain in my calves for the next two days were not nice.  Not nice at all. 

 View of Nafplio (part of it) from Palamidi's steps.

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