March 28, 2011

0 Greece: Athens (modern)

The Zappion, an exhibit hall near the National Gardens.

Some churches.  The frescoes covering the interiors of the churches are definitely the best features, but, as those can't be photographed, you'll have to do with the exteriors, which are interesting and beautiful in their own right.


and Plato greet you as you walk up to the Academy of Athens.

 The Academy of Athens, part of the Neoclassical Trilogy of Theophile Hansen, along with the University of Athens and the National Library.

The pediment depicts the birth of Athena.

Side wing of the Academy.

Other side wing.

Athena, goddess of wisdom, overlooking the Academy.

Apollo, god of truth and light, overlooking the Academy.

Ceiling of the porch of the Academy.

Fresco over the central entry to the University of Athens showing King Otto surrounded by the arts and sciences.

National Library.

Anyone want a run-down building?  It's got great features, a lot of potential!

A pretty street.

A pretty building.

Below are some signs and graffiti we saw in one corner of Plaka.  Enjoy.

This gentleman was walking around in front of Parliament on Sunday, the day of the elaborate changing of the guards.  He had a seemingly trained pigeon on him or following him the whole time, and was selling bird seed to feed the pigeons. 

The most important thing you'll find in Greece- GYROS!! Mine is on the left: chicken, tzaztiki (yogurt, garlic, cucumber), lettuce, and french fries.  Paul's is on the right: pork, lettuce, french fries.  The french fries are a normal addition... YUM!!

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