October 11, 2010

0 Scotland Trip; around Inverness, October 11

 There were several sites right near where we spent the middle week of our trip (just outside of Inverness) so we decided after our long driving around Aberdeenshire we'd spend a day locally.
 Our first stop was Fort George.  Built after the battle of Culloden to quell any further Highland uprisings, it was never attacked and has been used as a garrison ever since.   Unfortunately I got very soaked (from the thick grass and my not wearing wellies) and it was cold, so I was a little cranky and didn't take many pictures.  Paul and I did like that down near the beach there is a cemetery for all the working dogs that have been a part of the Fort's life.  Visitors can't go down there, unfortunately.

Sentry post.  I like the shape!

The chapel, a quite nice little building where I sat for a bit trying to thaw.

Our next stop was Culloden.   The Visitor's Center (not this cottage!!) gives a very comprehensive overview of the events leading up to the battle as well as displaying artifacts found on the site and weapons used at that time.   This small cottage, Leanach Cottage, is a re-creation of the farmhouse that was used as a hospital after the battle.

 The view looking out from the battlefield.

The battlefield.  In the 18th century this area was actually used for grazing land, and didn't have quite the amount of sage and heather that exists there today.

 The battlefield is a very powerful site.  Being in the cold, foggy, soggy moor, seeing the flags lining up the two sides (Government and Jacobites), and realizing how far these men charged through musket and cannon fire to their deaths was quite an unsettling experience.

 Another view across the moor.

Two of the clan stones erected in 1881 by Duncan Forbes, the last laird to live at Culloden House.   After the battle locals buried the men who died on the battlefield, marked by their clan badge in their bonnet. 

 Memorial cairn also erected by Duncan Forbes in 1881.

Clava Cairns is located about 300 yards east of Culloden Battlefield.   A Bronze Age cemetery, it is quite intact and includes standing stones, ring cairns, passage graves, and a kerb cairn.

A split standing stone.  (Some believe this to be the inspiration for the split stone in Outlander.)

 A passage grave into a ring cairn.

We drove by this viaduct and I had Paul stop so I could take a picture.  "Pretty bridge!!" became a regular burst from me as we drove around, and usually Paul was nice enough to stop!

We spent another full day in Inverness, wandering around and enjoying the town (great place!) but I didn't take that many pictures- so you get this "pretty bridge!!" and church.

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