November 8, 2010

0 Peggy's Visit, November 4-17

 My mom came out to visit.  Unluckily for her, Paul and I were a little tourist-weary after our trip to Scotland.  I managed to muster up some energy, though, and we headed out to the local attractions. 

First we went to Skipton, where we perused the town, the local chocolate shop, the castle (previous post), and the church.  The canals brought out their best charm, covering the scuzzy brown water with a shiny reflection of the blue sky.

I also found this street!  (For those of you who don't know, our Honda Element is named Watson.  Yes, I name my cars, and Paul begrudgingly gives in.)

I don't remember taking this picture, so kudos, Mom!

She got to see a double rainbow- they're actually not too rare here, and rainbows are frequent.

Here's my mom, Peggy.  She wanted to show how short she is tall the abbey wall is.  She saw eight abbeys in seven days (now you're excited to visit, aren't you...)!!

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