November 12, 2010

0 The Border Abbeys Part I; Jedburgh and Melrose

 We took my mom to Scotland!  Really, just to the Borders.  Paul and I skipped this area on our Scotland Trip, so we headed up with my mom.   There are four Border Abbeys: Jedburgh, Melrose, Dryburgh, and Kelso.  

Our first stop was Jedburgh. View of the nave, transepts, and tower from the kitchen ruins.  This area was started in the late 12th century.

Tomb in the East End.  

 Door to the North Transept, which was later used as the Ker family's burial place.  The tombs and memorials date back to the early 16the century.

 Lions and.... oh, stags. Not unicorns.

 The most content effigy I've ever seen.

Doorway into the nave restored in the late 1800s. 

You didn't think we left them behind this time, did you?!?!?!

Details of the doorway.

 The west end of the nave.

East End of the nave from the west tower.

Guess what I like?  ARCHES!

Side view of the nave from across the river.

Our next stop was Melrose.  The current ruins were built in the late 14th century after the original 12th century church was destroyed by the English army.  This view is from the nave looking at the screen (leftish center) with the South aisle along the right side.  

I like the window trefoil-y design.

The north transept, from the ground and the stair climb up.

Stone benches lining the cloister.

The lintel over the commendator's house- the initials are James Douglas (commendator) and his wife, Mary Ker.  Medieval graffiti!!

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