October 21, 2010

0 Scotland Trip; Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral, October 20-21

 Glasgow's Necropolis, while not entirely unique, is amazingly beautiful.

Designed in the mid-19th century, it provides the final home to about 50,000 bodies.  The hill sits next to the Cathedral and overlooks the city, making it an enviable plot of real estate.

Glasgow Cathedral, as seen from the Necropolis (next two images as well).

Glasgow Cathedral, like other cathedrals, is a fantastically ornate Gothic masterpiece.  It's greatest distinction in history is that it is the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to remain intact and roofed after the Reformation.   It is, in fact, still a working place of worship, although now it houses the Church of Scotland, so is not technically a working cathedral

 Stained glass windows from the nave, choir, and presbytery.

That's right, we're ending the Scotland trip with yet another crest of the unicorn and lion!  Sláinte!

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