October 17, 2010

0 Scotland Trip; Isle of Mull, Glenfinnan Viaduct, October 17

We got up early to get the ferry to Mull.  It was a short ride.

Duart Castle.   We weren't able to go up to the castle, as it had closed for the winter, but we "saw" it!

Rocky little bay near Lochbuie, on the Ross of Mull, the southernmost peninsula of the island.

We'd hoped to get over to Staffa, a nearby island with fantastic geological features (Fingal's Cave is the most famous), but the crappy morning weather had left strong winds that the boat driver said weren't safe.  So, we'll have to go back!  While waiting to find that out we were lucky enough to see two dolphins!  Paul spotted them first, leaping and swimming in the wake of a small boat.  I didn't have my camera out and it took me a minute to get it out (as I was pre-occupied watching the dolphins!) so this is all you get.  There are some pretty clear fins in there, though.  Our B&B hostess in Oban told us we were extremely lucky to see dolphins this time of year.  It sure made my day!

The sheep were all over the roads.  These two acted like sentinels, although they weren't facing appropriately for left-side driving... but it was funny enough for me to take a picture!

All pretty views from Mull.  We can't wait to take more time to explore the Western Isles!

The Glenfinnan Viaduct.  Also famous (to you nerds) as part of the Hogwart's Express route.

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