June 5, 2010

0 Birstwith Scarecrow Festival and Duck Race

Birstwith, the town I live in, had it's own Scarecrow Festival this weekend.  This guy was in front of the post office the past two weeks advertising.

The only scarecrow Sloan wasn't afraid of.  In fact, I think she wanted to be friends.

The theme was "D".  All scarecrows had to represent something starting with "D".

There was a quiz challenge along with the map.  I didn't do the quiz, because several scarecrows were British characters or such that I didn't recognize.  When I came upon this one, though, there were three young (10-12ish) girls trying to figure him out.  One guessed "This is a Surreal Scarecrow" as his clue, because "I'm pretty sure surreal means weird".  I was impressed and told her yeah, it's Salvador Dali.

I think this one was my favorite. 

Outside the Surgery.  I'm not sure who he is, but he does seem to need medical attention.

I didn't know who she was until I was walking the dogs later and I saw the box in her hand is labeled "Scooby Snacks".  Sloan was convinced she was the devil and proceeded to bark her head off.  I guess if Daphne had offered a Scooby Snack she might have been better received.

This one had a sign next to it "Score 73-3; Last Man 0".  If you know the "d", fill me in.

This was the scarecrow in front of the pub.  He's for the Duck Race!

This was the "First Annual Birstwith-Hamsthwaite Duck Race".  The river through Birstwith flows right over to Hampsthwaite, so they dumped 2 bins (trash cans) of numbered ducks in the river.  They went very, very slowly.   I didn't go to Hampsthwaite, so I am not sure who won.

The crowd was very concerned about the ducks clogging the river, disturbing local wildlife, and getting in trouble with authorities.   I guess that's why the "racers" had these referees.  They fished them out of jams, often throwing the stuck duck ahead of the pack.  This brought about cheers and jeers from the crowd.

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