April 5, 2010

0 New Neighbors!

Since our sheep moved out the pasture has been lonely.  Ha!  It's been nice not having to constantly patrol Sloan when she's outside to keep her from barking and sneaking through the hedge.  However, at the end of last week we got some new neighbors: four cows!

They're quite skittish, the first time I saw them I went up to our gate and said "Hi, cows!" and they all took off running at an alarming speed.  It seems like they're more afraid of humans than the dogs, though, which is good.  They don't like when Sloan charges the hedge barking, but if the dogs are just standing there they'll actually touch noses. 

They've gotten gradually more brave, but still won't let me get closer than a few feet from them.  Great fringe (bangs for Americans), though, right?

It's not easy to get a shot of all three, but I tried.  Most of their encounters take place in low holes in the hedge, so I can't get in there.  The gate is the best I've got.  

Max peering through our side of the hedge.

The cow had been at the other side of the hole where Max is (it's at the bottom left of the image) but she jumped away when I poked my head over the gate to get a picture. 

This is what I got from sticking my camera through the hedge-hole.  

Sloan managed to find a spot in the hedge she could squeeze through and jumped down.  She was mildly distracted from the cow pies (she assumes pie means it's edible- I'll leave you with that) by this cow's interest in her.  The cow was willing to sniff noses, but Sloan kept trying to sniff the cow's butt (doggy hello!) and that made the poor cow startle-understandably!  I was concerned for an accidental kick to the face, so I scurried Sloan back into our garden.  

Hopefully the cows will get more comfortable with me- if one does, I'm hoping to bring her up to "mow" our garden! 

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