April 18, 2010

0 Hampsthwaite daffodils

I'll be honest, I know very little about this church other than it is the church in Hampsthwaite, the town closest to Birstwith.  Birstwith's church is an off-shoot of this church, and they're in the same parish.  All I really know is that it's a beautiful church in a beautiful setting, so Paul and I have walked around it and through it's cemetery many times.

In late January through early March these little flowers, called "snowdrops", were everywhere.  I saw that the church's cemetery was covered in them, so one day I stopped to take some pictures.  A very nice lady who was going in to clean the church for a funeral told me I should also come back in a few weeks to see the wild daffodils.  I had no idea the spectacle I would behold.  First, though, I'll show you some pictures of the snowdrops.

The graves are from the past 300 or so years, some so old you can barely make out lettering and some bright and shiny, from the past couple of years.  The stones reach into all the corners of the churchyard. 

These crocuses were all over the place, too.  Not as plentiful as the snowdrops but still a good show.  The Stray in Harrogate had beautiful rows and rows of multi-colored crocuses.

Here's the daffodils!

 Some shots from the road:
 These are opposing sides of a street entry- not a bad intersection!

Just your average country road, stone walls, hedges, and daffodils!

The roadside in Clapham Green, a small residential area between Hampsthwaite and Birstwith.  Sheep are across the street, to the left, and behind me!

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