March 14, 2010

0 Happy Spring! More Lambs!

Today Paul and I drove over to Hampsthwaite, the village next to ours, to see a flock of sheep there. 
I'd driven past this flock yesterday and there were a lot of lambs, so I wanted to come back with my camera.  These are the 5 twins, more of them further down.

I really like this little one- I love his/her markings.  Now to find out the USDA regulations for bringing a sheep back from UK...

Told you there were a lot!  This isn't even 1/3 of them!

An ewe called out and this pair's heads both swiveled simultaneously, then they baaahed back at mom.

These three were closest to us, the two in front labeled 5 and the one in the back labeled 14.  14 kept wandering around baaahing and nuzzling different ewes.  I didn't see its mom, but we didn't have a good view of all the numbers, so hopefully she's there and now feeding the baby!  The lamb in front is the one I really like, it's twin (who's substantially bigger) is very brave and came within 5 feet of us.

You might need to click on this one to see the lambs clearly, but these two were nestled in the tree.

So tired!

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