February 9, 2010

0 I ♥ (old) York

Today we finally went back to York.  We first went there to meet the Lane women of Paul's family the day before Thanksgiving, and we both really enjoyed the city.  It is about a 30 minute drive to a car park where you get on a bus that zips you right to city center.  This is the best option, as York is moving towards being pedestrian-only in the city center, due to both congestion and very narrow, very uneven cobblestone streets.
  York is so far my favorite town we've been to, it's a nice relaxed window shopping, sight-seeing, good food eating place to spend a day.  Today we didn't do any sight-seeing, we thought about Clifford's Tower or the York Castle Museum but decided to save those, as we plan on purchasing a special pass to get into English Heritage Sites next fall.  Instead we just moseyed through the town and saw a lot that we didn't get a chance to see before.
   We walked a lengthy section of the old City Wall, built between the 12th and 14th century.  It's a beautiful walk and today's weather drifting between drizzling and sunny helped us enjoy the day.   We (of course) went into the York Art Gallery and saw the exhibit "One Hundred Years of Gifts" amongst other works.  Paul and I both enjoy art museums and galleries, so when later we saw a gallery with a "going out of business 70% off" sign we went in.   There were several pieces we both liked, but unfortunately the piece that was our favorite was still £1450, so that was obviously a no-go!!  It was interesting to see works by several local artists there as well.
  Overall not too much interesting news to report, plus I forgot the camera today- oops! We both plan on making many more trips into York whilst living here, so lots of opportunities to remedy that!

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