November 10, 2009

1 After all this, it's finally T-1 day and counting!

It's been a while since I've posted, again, I'll blame it on lots of things... moving, driving across the country, using my antique computer...

Since I last posted the movers have taken all of our stuff- arrivals as (ha!) scheduled:
Fast shipment: November 20
Household Goods: December 10

Then we FINALLY got our title for Watson (my Element) from Honda Financial, so I was able to take him up to Seattle on Oct. 12 to be shipped. A HUGE thanks to David, Erin, Emma, and Zoe for letting me stay at their home- Seattle is gorgeous, and seeing friends even better!
Watson's scheduled date of arrival: no later than November 30.
Amendment as of November 5thish- Watson's boat will not even dock in UK until December 1, so customs, etc- ugh. Hopefully he's having a good time over the Atlantic. Maybe he'll see our stuff?

Paul left Idaho October 25 and set about checking in to work and finding us a house. Turns out the house I loved online is really really far from his work, and with us trying to be a one car family it just isn't reasonable. Plus that letting agency requires a 270 pound background check fee that most other agencies don't require from us. So my little house in Pudsey is out.
At first Paul mostly saw very tiny two story houses that had all the bedrooms on the first (American second) floor. He did get info on a converted chapel (super cool!) but it's far away from work and down a dirt road... yuck. One house he got info on on the very first day was an old farm house in a little town just a few miles from Harrogate. He looked at a bunch of houses, none great, some okay, and finally was able to look at the farmhouse. Turns out, it's perfect. It's got a HUGE downstairs, with two reception rooms, each of which has a fireplace, a study, another room, a large eat-in kitchen, and a utility room. We will turn one of the reception rooms into our bedroom. There is also at least one WC (American 1/2 bath) downstairs. There is a detached two car garage (Watson doesn't have to sit in the rain!). Upstairs are two full baths and 5- yes, that's 5- bedrooms. We'll have to go upstairs for showers, but otherwise we plan on that area being off limits to the babies for guests and storage. Paul loves the house, and I'm sure I will too.
On November 2 the pets and I loaded up the Explorer and drove across America. I left early so that we'd have plenty of days to make it to New Jersey, even watching weather reports I wasn't sure what we'd hit, especially in Wyoming. Turns out, all that was in Wyoming was really horrible fog the last 30 miles before Cheyenne, which is where we stopped.
The second night we made it to Des Moines, the third to Milan, OH. Thank you to all Motel 6 for allowing pets!
On November 5 we got to New Jersey to my friend Carrie and her fiance Dan's apartment. They have two dogs, Charlie and Jubilee, who were Sloan's first playmates as a puppy, so we know each other pretty well. We've been crashing with them since. Mia is living in the bathroom, due to Charlie's wanting to play a little too rough for her- honestly, I'd worry more about him if they got too close, she's feisty!! A studio apartment is full with 3 people, 4 dogs, and a cat, so Carrie and Dan get ENORMOUS thanks from all of us!
I was able to sell the Explorer here in NJ, that was a relief to get that out of the way.
The pets and I went to the vet this morning for their health certificates and tick/tapeworm treatments. It went well, took forever and broke the bank, but that's what you do for your babies, right?
Now I have to somehow get all my stuff into my two suitcases and bookbag. Hmm.... this will be a challenge- thank goodness I'm up for it!

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