August 30, 2009

0 I now have a blog.

So, I was told I should have a blog, 
and I always do as I'm told 
(uh, right) 
so I now have a blog. 
I was looking for a name for it, for the site, and I decided to find a British phrase. 
 Well, the funniest I found was on Wikipedia: Monkey Tennis.
I have no clue if that's a phrase that is actually used in England, but it makes me laugh.

On another site I found several funny British phrases, starting with Dog's Bollocks. 
 All were taken as blog sites. So I added 09, 'cause that's this year. 
 I'm clever like that.
I have always liked the cat's pajamas and the bee's knees, so why not give dogs their own phrase?

That site is pretty funny; I don't know if they are all common use words/phrases, but some made me laugh.

Anyway, (or should I say Any road?) this blog will probably be a lot of frustration, 
then a lot of panic, 
then more frustration, 
then super fun. 
 At least I hope everything's superfun sometime in the not too distant future.

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